Couples Therapy

Couples Therapy

Couples therapy, marriage counseling, and marital therapy are all terms used to describe the process of seeking support to strengthen your relationship with your partner or spouse. Therapy can be useful at any stage of a relationship. Many people think therapy is just for when partnerships are experiencing significant difficulties such as separation, infidelity, or possible divorce. While therapy is very helpful for managing difficult times in relationships, it can also be beneficial to help strengthen relationships at any time.


Why Go To Couples Therapy?

I utilize the Gottman Method of Couples Therapy, which is a research-based approach to couples therapy. This approach focuses on improving your relationship by:

  • Strengthening your friendship
  • Focusing on communication patterns
  • Decreasing conflict
  • Improving closeness and connection
  • Reconnecting couples to their shared goals.


What Happens In Couples Therapy?

Couples therapy/marriage counseling begins with a thorough assessment of your relationship in order to identify areas of strength and areas for growth. When you begin, I have each partner complete paperwork that gathers information on you as individuals, and your relationship. After our first session, I send you a link to the Relationship Checkup, a research-based assessment which generates individualized feedback for areas to focus on. I then meet with each partner individually to understand your experiences and goals in your relationship. These steps help me to then provide you with a comprehensive treatment plan.

Couples sessions are very active. I will guide you in utilizing tools in session with your partner. Couples are often given tools to practice between sessions as well. Couples appointments are typically 60-90 minutes, and weekly sessions are recommended.


Is It Possible to Do Couples Therapy Virtually?

Yes! The COVID-19 crisis has created a need to evaluate creative ways to support couples. Couples therapy can occur via telepsychology. Couples can join their therapist through the secure client portal for their video session. If a partner is located in another location, telepsychology can still occur as long as they are also within California.


How Much Does Couples Therapy Cost?

Every couple is different, and there is no standard length of treatment for couples. Some couples feel their relationship improves quickly, and for some it takes longer.

Couples therapy is billed at the rate of $250 for initial assessment, and $225/hour for ongoing sessions. I accept insurance and private pay, however not all insurances cover couples therapy. However, if the need for therapy arises from or is related to a mental health condition, some insurers may cover conjoint or family therapy. Feel free to contact me for questions, and inquire with your insurance company if they cover you for couples therapy or family therapy, and if you need a referral. You can see which insurances are currently accepted on the Services page or FAQ page.


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