Resources for Improving Sleep

Resources for Improving Sleep

Many people struggle with sleep. Common complaints include not getting enough sleep, laying awake at night, and waking in the middle of the night. While we provide therapy that can focus on improving your sleep due to insomnia, here are resources available to help you understand and improve your sleep.

Information on Sleep:

National Sleep Foundation



CBT-i Coach app for Insomnia. A helpful tool to improve sleep. Contact us today if you would like therapy to improve your sleep.

CBT-i Coach– Designed for Insomnia, this app provides helpful resources to learn about insomnia, track your sleep, and utilize tools such as deep breathing, muscle relaxation, or guided imagery to help you sleep. This app is great to use before bed for sleep, or for relaxation when anxious, worried, or stressed at any time. Practice the skills so they can work better when you need to use them the most.


Online Guided Relaxation Skills:

Calm Free Guided Relaxation Tools

Chill Drills- Listen online or download these guided relaxation exercises free through Military One Source.

1. Chill Drills 1- Overview

2. Chill Drills 2- Tuning In

3. Chill Drills 3- Releasing Stress

4. Chill Drills 4- Easing Back Pain

5. Chill Drills 5- Getting to Sleep

6. Chill Drills 6- Music to Chill By


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