Resources for Managing Anxiety

Resources for Managing Anxiety

We provide therapy to help you manage anxiety. Here are a number of resources available to help you manage anxiety with relaxation and mindfulness based exercises. 

Relaxation Exercises:

Deep Breathing: 3-Part Breath

Try this exercise.

  • Try to breathe deeply and gently through the nostrils.
  • On the inhale, let your belly expand, let your ribcage relax, and finally allow your chest to expand.
  • On the exhale, feel your chest lower, your ribcage and abdomen contract.
  • Inhale to a count of 4
  • Hold for 2
  • Exhale for 6
  • Hold for 2
  • Repeat (ideally for at least 4 cycles)


Sensory Grounding: The 5 Senses

Try this exercise.

  1. Notice what you see around you. Name colors, objects, things you can see. Take a deep breath after every 2-3 things you notice.
  2. Notice what you hear around you. Name sounds as they occur. Take a deep breath after every 2-3 things you notice.
  3. Notice what you feel near you (external objects/items). Name textures, count stitches or grooves, notice warmth/coolness. Take a deep breath after every 2-3 things you notice.
  4. Notice what you taste. Name flavors. Take a deep breath after every 2-3 things you notice.
  5. Notice what you smell. Name scents. Take a deep breath after every 2-3 things you notice.
  6. Notice how you feel. Do you feel calmer than when you started?


Online Resources:

Calm Free Guided Relaxation Tools

Headspace Free Guided Relaxation Tools

UCSD Center for Mindfulness Online Audio and Video Exercises

UCSD Center for Mindfulness Videos on Stress and Mindfulness  

Tara Brach Pandemic Care Resources

Chill Drills- Listen online or download these guided relaxation exercises free through Military One Source.

1. Chill Drills 1- Overview

2. Chill Drills 2- Tuning In

3. Chill Drills 3- Releasing Stress

4. Chill Drills 4- Easing Back Pain

5. Chill Drills 5- Getting to Sleep

6. Chill Drills 6- Music to Chill By


The following Apps are free to download and can help people cope with symptoms. Many of these apps were developed by the VA for Veterans and Servicemembers, but they are useful for and free for everyone.

Breathe2Relax. An app to help with anxiety. Call us for help with your anxiety today.

Breathe2Relax– Training on deep breathing to lower stress and anxiety.


CBT-i coach app. Relaxation tools can help with anxiety as well as sleep. Contact us today for help with your anxiety.

CBT-i Coach– Designed to help insomnia and it also has lots of tools to guide you through deep breathing, muscle relaxation, or guided imagery. Great to use before bed for sleep, or for relaxation when anxious at any time. Practice the skills so they can work better when you need to use them the most.


COVID Coach. An app to manage stress and anxiety. Contact us to help manage stress and anxiety today.

COVID Coach- A timely new app to learn ways to stay healthy, monitor your mood, manage stress, and find resources. This new app is full of great tools and information.


Mindfulness coach app. Relaxation tools can help with anxiety. Contact us today for help in managing anxiety.

Mindfulness Coach– Mindfulness can reduce stress and improve coping with thoughts and emotions. Provides education and guided mindfulness exercises.


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