Resources for Trauma & PTSD Recovery

Resources for Trauma & PTSD Recovery

We provide evidence-based treatment for trauma recovery.  There are also a number of resources available to learn about trauma, how trauma affects us, and to support your healing from trauma.


AboutFace– A website from the National Center for PTSD where you can learn more about PTSD and treatment for PTSD from Veterans, family members, and clinician.

AboutFace Video:


The following Apps are free to download and can help people cope with symptoms. Many of these apps were developed by the VA for Veterans and Servicemembers, but they are useful for and free for everyone.

Breathe2Relax. An app focused on deep breathing for anxiety. Call us for support with anxiety or trauma today.

Breathe2Relax– Training on deep breathing to lower stress and anxiety.


CBT-i coach. An app with relaxation tools that support your recovery from trauma. Contact us today for support.

CBT-i Coach– Designed to help insomnia and it also has lots of tools to guide you through deep breathing, muscle relaxation, or guided imagery. Great to use before bed for sleep, or for relaxation when anxious at any time. Practice the skills so they can work better when you need to use them the most.


COVID Coach. An app with resources for managing stress and mood symptoms. Call us for support today.

COVID Coach- A timely new app to learn ways to stay healthy, monitor your mood, manage stress, and find resources. This new app is full of great tools and information.


Mindfulness Coach. An app with mindfulness based relaxation skills to support recovery. Contact us for support today.

Mindfulness Coach– Mindfulness can reduce stress and improve coping with thoughts and emotions. Provides education and guided mindfulness exercises.


PTSD Coach app. An app focused on managing PTSD. Contact us for support today.

PTSD Coach- Information about PTSD, self-assessment, and tools to manage stressors. Tools include relaxation skills, self-talk for managing anger, and self-help strategies.


Virtual Hope Box. An app focused on managing depression. Contact us for support today.

Virtual Hope BoxРTools to promote relaxation, positive thinking, and coping with  difficult emotions. Users can setup a virtual hope box with photos of friends and family, music, and more.


Online Guided Relaxation Skills:

Chill Drills- Listen online or download these guided relaxation exercises free through Military One Source.

1. Chill Drills 1- Overview

2. Chill Drills 2- Tuning In

3. Chill Drills 3- Releasing Stress

4. Chill Drills 4- Easing Back Pain

5. Chill Drills 5- Getting to Sleep

6. Chill Drills 6- Music to Chill By

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