Currently Providing Telepsychology Appointments

Telepsychology appointments are secure video appointments, using a HIPAA compliant video platform. Telepsychology is a useful virtual way for us to meet for your therapy at times when face to face meetings are not possible, whether due to COVID-19, or for other reasons when it is difficult for you to come to therapy in person. All you need is a tablet, computer, or cell phone that has audio and video capabilities, as well as a strong and private internet connection. I will send you a link and all you have to do is click on your unique link to join for your appointment.

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Individual Therapy

$225 Initial assessment, $150-200/hour ongoing sessions

My goal for individual therapy is to support you through a difficult time when emotions may feel like they are in control, in order to regain control over your emotions. I take pride in helping people access their own strengths and learn tools to help them manage depression, anxiety, panic, trauma symptoms, managing life transitions, interpersonal difficulties, managing chronic pain or illness, and grief. The idea of therapy can be daunting. I envision myself as your coach to help guide you through these times.

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Couples Therapy

$250 Initial assessment, $225/hour ongoing sessions

Couples therapy can be a beneficial tool for partners at any stage in a relationship. Couples therapy can help you to understand communication patterns in your relationship, learn tools to improve communication, resolve conflict, and manage stress during difficult times with your partner. The goal of couples therapy is to move through these tasks to establish and reconnect with the dreams you have with your partner.

Family therapy is billed at the same rate.

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Psychological Assessment

(Inquire for rates)

Adult psychological assessment/evaluation can be provided upon request to help clarify a diagnosis to ensure adequate treatment planning and medication. This will often require a referral. Please call to discuss psychological assessment. The assessment process typically involves an initial intake appointment, and a selection of assessments designed to meet the referral question. Assessment will also include a feedback session to receive assessment results and treatment recommendations.





Insurances accepted will be updated here as credentialing is approved.


Credit cards are accepted for private pay and co-pays.

Please write checks payable to Sea Glass Psychological Services, Inc.

Cancellation Policy:

If you are unable to attend a session, please make sure you cancel at least 24 hours beforehand. Otherwise, you may be charged for the full rate of the session.

If you are sick with a fever or cough, please do not come to your appointment. You may be turned away from your appointment if you are ill. Please call to reschedule and avoid a cancellation fee.


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